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The most effective method to Secure Your Facebook Password is a noteworthy concern now days. So in this articles we would give you the ideal direction that How to Secure Your Facebook Password with help of facebook customer service.

In the event that you stress over hacking your record to somebody, there is no compelling reason to stress. This blog will take care of every one of your issues with respect to Facebook account. You just need to take after a few stages or some security and your Facebook will be protected until the end of time. These are some progression which will enable you to out:
• Enable your notification:
You have to set a notice on your telephone. At whatever point you will login, an OTP will create on your enlist versatile number. At the point when a programmer tries to sign in with your client id and password, you will get a notice on your mobile phone and you will realize that somebody endeavor to hack your Facebook account. Never check the container (Keep me signed in). In the event that you do as such, it will expand the odds of individuals hacking into your records.
• Don't utilize your Facebook password anyplace else on the web:
More often than not we are open Facebook account in broad daylight. We didn't savored, who is see our Facebook id and watchword. So dependably endeavor to not login out in the open place. On the off chance that you share your password with your companions, they should sign into and disturb your record, which can arrive you stuck in an unfortunate situation, so you ought to abstain from sharing your watchword.

• Log out of Facebook when you utilize a PC you share with other individuals:
In the wake of utilizing the Facebook, erase your PC history and logout from your Facebook id. In the event that you won't erase your history, there will be a hint to the programmers to hack your record.
• To Check Active Sessions
Go to Home - > Account Settings - > Security - > Active Sessions.
• Always have an exceptionally solid password that nobody can figure:
The password can be long. Only a long password can't influence your record to secure either. Make certain to change your Facebook password once every 2-3 months. Your password is the first and frequently best security component for keeping intruders under control, so take mind here. Ensure it is long (12 to 14 characters or more), a blend of characcters.