How to Report a Gmail message as spam

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1. If a spam email gets through to your Gmail inbox, you can report it and get it out of your inbox: Dial 866-324-3042 for Gmail tech support number
Open Inbox.
2. Select the email using the sender picture on the left.
3. Select the Move to.
4. Choose Spam email.
Tip: If the email is from online services like a shopping or social website, you can withdraw as opposed to revealing as spam email. Search for the "Withdraw" or "Change Preferences" interface at the base of the email.
What happens when you move to Spam email.
When you move an email to Spam folder, the Gmail spam group will examine the message to encourage distinguish and square future spam.

View email in Spam folder
If you think an email you need wound up in Spam, you can glance through your spam messages:
1. Open Gmail Inbox.
2. In the upper left corner, select the Main menu.
3. Click to select Spam.
Expel from Spam
1. Open Inbox.
2. Open the email you found in Spam.
3. Select Pin.

Your message will move back to your Gmail inbox. You can rapidly discover it again by tapping the switch at the highest point of your inbox.
Note: Messages in Spam are deleted and no longer user recoverable after around 30 days.

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